Thursday, March 21, 2024

Communication Skills Part 2 (Advanced) and Registration link for the next session

Insights from Advanced Communication Skills Session

Reflections on "Communication Skills Part 2 (Advanced)" Session

Reflecting on today's session titled "Communication Skills Part 2 (Advanced)" held on Thursday, 21st March, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Dr.Biju Raghavan explored the intricate dynamics of conveying difficult news with empathy, understanding, and skill.

Key Topics Covered

  • Techniques for breaking bad news
  • Understanding and managing collusion
  • Engaging in role-play exercises for delivering difficult news
  • Strategies for dealing with anger

Upcoming Seminar Announcement

Following this enriching experience, we are eager to invite you to our next educational endeavor. In April, we are hosting a free online seminar titled "Palliative Care-The Dignified Way of Living and Dying". Dr. Sunil Kumar, the esteemed Additional Director at Pallium India, will lead this session, organized by the Model Palliative Care Division. This seminar promises to be an enlightening exploration of palliative care's compassionate principles, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of its role in ensuring dignity in life and death.

For registration to the forthcoming session, kindly proceed by accessing the following link:

For those unable to attend today's session or wishing to delve into the discussions once more, the opportunity to watch the video now presents itself. You are also encouraged to subscribe to our YouTube channel for future sessions on compassionate care and research, ensuring you remain informed and engaged with our ongoing educational endeavors.

We encourage you to watch and reflect on the valuable lessons shared.